Hive Sibellus

Hives Sibellus and Tarsus

The two hives are the Scintilla’s most important features: immense, multi-leveled citites that house billions of citizens.The hives are largely independent, ruled by the councils drawn from the nobles of the spires. The majority of inhabitants of middle hivers, laboring class,without whom the planet’s manufactories and trade houses would cease to function. Almost all middle hivers are owned or indentured to nobles from great sector-wide families or Scintilla’s own lesser houses. The most neglected, polluted and crime-ridden areas of the hives are underhives were life is cheap and were brutal gangs fight for supremacy before inevitable violent death claims them. As long as the violence doesn’t spill into middle hives, the authorities are happy to let the gangs kill each other in cesspits of the underhive.

Scintilla’s two great hives have always compared each other for prestige and influence, but no rational observer could fail to acknowledge Hive Sibellus’s dominance. It is larger than Hive Tarsus, referred to as “the Capital” or the “ruling hive” and is the seat of both political and administrative power and the centre of the planet’s manafacturing might. Hive Tarsus is a dark, shadowy twin of the Hives Sibellus, referred by Sibellians as the “other place” and is a mercantile hive which controls all off-world trade and commerce. Neither hive could function without each other, a fact celebrated in Scintillan proverbs and myths. However neither great hive could openly admit the importance of “offspring” communities, Ambulon and Gunmetal City, both of which wield considerable influence.

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Hive Sibellus

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